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Breakfast In Maui

Going into our 4th weekend of business we are starting to see a few trends emerge with our beer.  One of those trends is that Breakfast in Maui is the most remarked on beer.  The idea that our stouts would be so popular a solid 2-3 months before the unofficial start to “stout season”, was a little off our radar. But both of our big stouts, Breakfast in Maui and Crazy Putin, have been very popular.

This blog I thought I would take a minute to pull back the curtain on Breakfast and Maui.  This recipe comes from our good friend Dave Kippen who is nice enough to lend us his brewing expertise on occasion.  The base beer for this is a big but drinkable stout of 9.7% ABV and 64 IBU.  Complex roasty character comes from plenty of Roasted Barley, Special Roast, and Black malts.  While this beer ferments we get our special ingredient started which is cold steeped Hawaiian Coconut coffee.  The cold steeping process keeps all of the smooth coffee and coconut flavor without adding extra bitterness.  The finished beer you are left with is a lot of big flavors that come together very well.  Coffee, chocolate, and coconut dominate.  Think of eating a mounds bar with a cup of coffee.  We think it is one of the more unique coconut or coffee beers you will find.  Come in and try one.

To pique your interest more, this is only the first of what will be a series of breakfast stouts.  Coming in the not so distant future will be “Breakfast in Ireland.”  Stay tuned for more on that one later!


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