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Live Oak

Saturday July 15th we will have a special beer on tap starting at noon until the keg blows.  Live Oak is an imperial red rye IPA coming in at 9.0% abv and 80 IBU.  This is a big beer that is a touch on the boozy side but very drinkable at those numbers.


Live Oak is a special beer to us that was made to remember and pay tribute to a friend.  Our good friend Scott Swingle passed away tragically on May 29th at the far too young age of 36.  Scott was a big supporter of what we were doing at 4 Two 4.  He couldn’t wait to come up from Indianapolis to check out the brewery.  Unfortunately, that never happened.


If you knew Scott, you knew him to be a genuine, honest, and fun guy.  He lived his life with absolutely no filter.  He said a lot of things publicly I would only say in the most private settings.  Scott was smart as hell and had wit as sharp as a tack. Somewhat of a professional instigator, his twitter handle was @ThatDickScott, where he had quite the following.  And that was his public persona.   Being a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan living in Indy may have contributed to his need to find entertainment on the interwebs.  But beneath that, he was about as real of a dude as you will meet.


Still rattled from hearing of his death, I sat down to think about what a beer that represented Scott would be.  He was a connoisseur of all fine booze.  I was always jealous of his palate being good enough to distinguish good beer, good wine, and his fav—good whiskey.  I also wanted to capture his in-your-face persona and bigger-than-life personality.  What I came up with was this big, aggressive imperial red rye IPA fermented on sliced bourbon barrel staves that were soaked in rye whiskey.  (He drank more bourbon but really loved rye).  It’s kind of an out there recipe that won’t be for everybody, just like him.  But if you like the things he did, I think it will be perfect for you.  And if this beer is a little too strong for you, he would probably have a chuckle at your displeasure.


It will be our great honor to share this beer with all of you.  We hope you all take a second to give a cheers to the man that inspired it and maybe remember someone special to you that has passed on.


Scott is survived by his wife Andrea Swingle and their larger than life Great Dane, Hugo.  Scott was a huge dog lover.  50% of the profits from this beer will be donated to Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue in Indianapolis where they adopted Hugo.



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4 comments on “Live Oak

  1. Kathy Swingle

    What a great honor for Scott. He would have so loved it. He was bigger than life and lived his life to the fullest every single day. His father and I miss him terribly.
    Wish we had known about this sooner. I know the day will be filled with laughter as you all will have stories to share. Thanks so much.
    Kat (Scott’s mom)

    • Brewery 4 Two 4

      It was our honor Kathy. So sorry for your loss. As we sample this beer this morning it is fantastic. It’s very likely that this recipe will live on in our taproom for years to come. We will always give Scott a nod when we tap a new keg of it.

  2. Jon Mareachen

    Best of luck with the venture! Athough not under the greatest of circumstances it was a pleasure meeting you. I am sure the beer would meet his standards b/c of the attention and care that went into developing it.

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