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“Are you guys going to do food?”

Today I thought I would take a break from brewing to talk about a question that we get asked every day:  “Are you guys going to do food?”  It’s a logical question and deserves our thoughts on the issue.

The quick answer is “no.”  We never planned to do food in our current location.  There are good reasons why we won’t do food that relates to our philosophy on things.

The main reason we wouldn’t even consider it right now is that we want to do one thing and do it really well.  We are a mom and pop shop.  It’s just Erin and I.  We know beer.  We have been brewing for well over a decade, and we have focused most of our vacations and weekends around traveling to breweries the whole time we have been together.  All of that experience was based around beer.  Certainly, we have eaten our fair share of wonderful food along the way, but we are beer people, not restaurant people.  From the outside, it may appear running a brewery and running a restaurant are very similar.  There are crossovers, but it is an entirely different animal.  More staff, more equipment, more management, and a new product line would just be more than we feel we can do exceptionally.  If we can’t do it exceptionally, we don’t want to do it.

The next common related question is “Can we bring food in from the outside?”.  ABSOLUTELY!  You can bring your dinner, snacks, and munchies to the brewery.  Sluggo’s Pizza is right next door to us and makes, what is in our opinion, the best pizza in town.  There are several other great options right down the street on Douglas or River Ave.  So make a meal of it!  Bring your favorite food, and we will provide the appropriate liquid refreshment to pair with it.  With our diverse tap list, you are likely to find something to pair with your meal.